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Minneapolis Baby Photographer

Meet sweet little Lauren! This girl is beyond loved by her whole family, but especially her big brother and sister. Those two doted on their baby sister in the sweetest way. No one wants their kids to fight with each other, but when it’s a fight for “who gets to hold baby sister” you can’t help but have your heart melt a little.  All the heart eyes for this family! Scroll to the bottom to see a special photo of big sister and baby. We did a photo of all the siblings together of course, but this girl could not get enough snuggles with her new baby sister. I had to capture the moment. It’s nice to have these reminders of love, especially on days when everyone may not be getting along as well.

I was so excited to put this cute yellow romper on Lauren for her photos! I love little rompers and pants for newborns and have a pretty cute collection for my sessions. But I’ve only used this once before at a session almost a year before. I don’t use yellow very often in sessions, so it surprised me how much I love these piece. Handmade by one of my favorite prop vendors, it has the sweetest vintage fabric bib and lace detailing. And it’s a good thing it’s cute or I probably wouldn’t bother. I mean, can you image trying to carefully dress a sleeping newborn in this, adjusting the straps just right, all while making sure babe does not wake up. Lol. Definitely a delicate process!

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